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I'm Kendall

Connection & Spiritual Life Coach | NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner | Modern-day Green Witch 

I love supporting spiritually open people to get un-stuck, step into their confidence and clarity and create forward momentum to the life and impact they desire 

I believe that everything is connected and there is more magic to the world than meets the eye.


I believe that everyone has power within them if they choose to step into it.


I believe that nature provides us with everything we need.


I believe that if you lead with love and follow your intuition, you will always feel fulfilled.


I believe you can’t fully give to others if you aren’t first taking care of yourself – love yourself fully first.

My Offerings


1:1 Soul Expand Retreats and Distance Programs

Soul Grounded Group Program (+Retreat) - Next Round Begins October

Reiki (In-person treatments and distance)


Holistic, Natural Products


Herbal Remedies


Abalone Jewelry

My Magic

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