I had big visions for my life - huge desires.

I wanted to travel

Live a life of passion

Make an impact and truly help people

While also feeling free and not tied down to a place or job

I began diving into ways I could create this life for myself but ended up creating more confusion, frustration, and "busyness". 

I lived most of the time in my head and felt disconnected from the passions I used to prioritize.

It wasn't until I really took a deeper look and focused on creating the inner alignment

(on an energetic and identity level),

finding my magic,

how I want to SERVE,

and began connecting more to this earth, the universal flow, and the ultimate inner power I have as a soul here

That everything began to fall into place!

Ready to Embody Your Potent Magic?

It's from this place that your wildest dreams can come true

Owning all of the parts of your soul and feeling that wholeness

Confidently using your voice to spread your mission 

Having clarity on your personal mission and vision

Having the like-minded community you'd love around you

Feeling love without dependency

Embracing the enchantment and magic in this world

Living purposefully and taking action

on the impact you want to have in the world

Embody Your Potent Magic

private immersions

We blend together NLP + subconscious work, energy work, intuitive development, coaching, and potent magic to support your transformation and forward movement <3

  • 2 Full days and 2 Night Transformative Retreat (think like a private festival ;) )

    • Airbnb, food and supplies included​

  • 1 Month of Potent Mentorship

    • VIP (daily) Voxer Access - such a potent way to have access to a mentor, in the moment when you need support or guidance

    • 1 pre-retreat clarity session

    • 1 post-retreat embodiment and integration session

    • 2 distance reiki treatments - to support your energy body in the integration

Note these are generally 1:1, but can be coordinated for 2 people or small groups (either as a transformative retreat or more of a soul reset experience)

The flow seen below is a general overview, but will be tailored to your unique experience

Arrival Night:

  • Opening Ceremony and dinner

Day 1:

  • Energetic Reset (reiki and chakra healing)

  • Transformational Shadow Work, somatics, and embodiment exercises (to unlearn, unravel and release)

  • Rewrite these patterns at stories at the subconscious level

  • Step into Your True Identity & Potent Magic (Subconscious work)

  • Embody Your Personal Mission

Day 2:

  • Intuition connection and development, intuitive practice through nature connection, and energetic protection

  • Abundance Mindset - Embodying Trust and Releasing Resistance

  • Aligned Success Blueprint - creating aligned momentum on your visions

  • Intentional Lifestyle Design - live in alignment now & create your own energetic practices to hold the container

  • Balancing the Flow + Action

  • Closing ceremony stepping into this deeper, potent version of you

  • 4 hours of coaching work per month tailored to you (usually 2 hours bi-weekly)

  • VIP (daily) Voxer support each month - a potent way to experience mentorship and guidance, as things come up for you

  • Bi-weekly distance reiki


General Flow: 

(will be determined and customized on an initial connection call)

Phase 1: Energetic Reset, Clearing out & Creating Space

Phase 2: Voicing Your Story, Emotional and Pattern Release, Somatics and Learning Your Body's Signals

Phase 3: Clarifying Your Visions and Mission, and Your Alignment Path

Phase 4: Transformational Shadow Work, Rewiring Subconscious Patterns and Beliefs, and Stepping into Your Potent Magical self

Phase 5: Strengthening intuitive practices and intuition development through grounded connection

Phase 6: The energy of abundance and possibility, bringing in the practical magic, creating your own self-accountability system that can hold the container for your visions in the next 6-12 months

Generally a 3 -month mentorship

(This may be extended or altered depending on what you need)

Curious about one of the options? Want to explore what may be right for you?

Apply by booking an Embody Your Potent Magic connection call 

We'll spend time exploring where you're at, what you desire and want to step into, and what I intuitively see may support your journey! At the end, we'll take some time to talk about what it may be like to continue working together at the end (never any pressure and I'll only invite you if I'm confident I can support you!)

My normal hourly rate for a stand-alone coaching session is $155, however, holding this space as a gift for you <3